WEDO KOSHER is a Kosher Certification Consulting Company. We’re the first company to train the best and most celebrated chefs in the world on how to serve haute cuisine Kosher, offering much more than just certified food, but a unique and unforgettable experience as well. 

Our purpose is to provide a distinct experience and a new lifestyle for the audience that seeks this diligence.



Our role is to assist in preparing menus, suggest ingredients and suppliers, oversee the Kosherization of environments and utensils, and include the presence of a Mashgiach throughout the customer’s journey – from pre-preparation to delivery of the final dish.


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Rochele Silva - Kurotel Director

We are immensely happy for this certification. Kurotel cuisine stands out for being completely healthy, gourmet, functional and very tasty. We already had customers from the Jewish community. For some years now we have held important celebrations such as Shabbat, with bread, Kosher wine and Jewish dishes such as: chicken soup with kneidlechk, Guefilde fish with chrein, Passover lasagna and fruit compote. This seal confirms the smoothness of our work with this community that we admire so much.

Wadim Alvarez - Food and Beverage Executive Director for Palacio Tangará

The evaluation was very positive, from the point of view of production, it was fundamental for us to break the paradigm that kosher food is impossible or very difficult to make in traditional kitchens. We expect organic growth in the number of requests for both corporate and social kosher events.